Drone Flight Training

Learning to Fly Drones

Drones are a blast to fly, and as their numbers grow, drones are now starting to revolutionize the smartphone "selfie". Many drones are equipped with serious high-resolution cameras that can produce photos and videos that are significantly better than today's best smartphones. And, since many drones will directly interface with your smartphone, the drone selfies are just as easy to send to friends as the photos taken by your smartphone.

Consumer drones start at around $100, but at that price range the drone is not likely to have any autonomous flight features and the camera is not going to produce quality photos. An entry-level drone costing about $400 will have some autonomous flight features and a better camera, but will have a relatively short battery life. The most popular and capable drones may cost over $700 while prosumer-level drones will exceed $1,000.

At MJ Aerial Services, we have a fleet of drones that cover all the categories and capabilities mentioned above. Instead of spending your money on the entry-level drone and working your way up, MJ Aerial Services will use our drones to teach you how to fly - safely and correctly. Not only will you be better informed on which drone fits your needs, you won't have to worry about crashing your brand new drone before taking your first photo!

Drone Flight Training FAQs:

1. How long is the Drone Flight Training class?
That depends! Each class is tailored to the goal(s) of the customer(s). Class length varies between 3 hours, 6, hours, and even multiple days.

2. How many students are in each Training class, and how much does the class cost?
Number of students is 1-6 per class. Cost per student decreases as the number of students increases. (Note: It's fun to learn to fly drones with friends and family!)

3. What type of training does a student in the Drone Flight Training class receive?
MJ Aerial Services provides the type of training requested by the student, flight training up to preparation for a commercial license. We are able to provide any specialized training to conduct specific drone missions such as mapping, inspections, and videography.

4. After taking the Drone Flight Training class, will a student be able to apply for his or her drone flying license?
* The FAA Part 107 commercial drone license amounts to a 60-question exam that covers weather, air space, and specific drone rules.
* The FAA license is NOT required to fly a drone; it’s only required if the drone is flown commercially. Other than registering your drone with the FAA, a drone can be flown recreationally without an FAA license.
* MJ Aerial Services will instruct drone pilots on how to legally fly drones recreationally, but can also provide tutoring for clients who would like to pursue an FAA commercial license.

5. Do MJ Aerial's students receive some type of flying guide or other written materials?
Yes, MJ Aerial Services provides basic documentation on flying a drone, to include explanations of drone capabilities and restrictions, diagrams of the remote control functions, and pilot checklists and emergency procedures.

6. What types of drone models are used for instruction?
* MJ Aerial Services provides a variety of DJI drones for instructional flying. DJI owns more than 70% of the U.S. drone market.
* Students will primarily fly the DJI Phantom 4 drone, a very capable drone that is an industry standard.
* If a student has not yet purchased a drone, MJ Aerial Services can offer the opportunity to test-fly other popular DJI drones, such as the Spark and Mavic Pro.

7. Does MJ Aerial walk through drone settings and indicators?
* MJ Aerial Services will ensure all basic safety-of-flight issues are covered, as well as plenty of hands-on training. The goal is making sure the students can pilot the drone safely and proficiently on their own.
* While many clients are satisfied with this basic approach, MJ Aerial Services can provide as much detailed instruction as desired.

8. Do the drones fly in various flight modes (and if so, what are the modes)?
* Most DJI drones have three flight modes, P (positioning), S (Sport) and A (Attitude).
* Training flights almost exclusively use the P mode, which utilizes GPS, provides a steady platform for photography, and takes advantage of all the Obstacle Sensing tools to prevent mishaps.

9. Do the drones capture video and photos on site during training?
Yes - while drone flying is certainly fun in its own right, it is the drone’s outstanding camera system that provides revolutionary opportunities to capture incredible pictures. The DJI drones have numerous automated flight modes that create Hollywood-like videos.




Drone Missions

Drones are amazingly useful tools that can conduct a wide variety of services for many different industries, such as Agriculture, Architecture, Construction and Real Estate, among others. MJ Aerial Services has the capability and experience to conduct a number of different drone missions such as:

  • Area Mapping
  • Inspection of Roofs, Towers and Solar Panels
  • Real Estate Portfolios
  • 3D Modeling
  • Volumetrics
  • Customized Aerial Photography & Videography as Requested